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Page 3: Link Page

Page 1: Grasslands Description
Page 2: Grassland's Problems
Page 3: Link Page
Page 4: Bibliography

This website shows all the various animals that live in grasslands. You can click on all the animals to see a description of them, what they eat, who eats them, and where they are found.

This website shows where grasslands are found. It also includes seasonal changes and abiotic factors including rainfall and fires. This website contains good visuals of grasslands and a bison. It is easy to understand the material in this website and you do not have to be knowledgeable about grasslands to understand this website.

This website shows various important parts of each biome such as the problem or climate, etc. and shows its references and other useful sites and links. 
This website is organized and has interesting pictures of the grasslands on it.

This website shows helpful diagrams and great summaries.

This website gives a description of each type of grassland, including brief explanation of some of the plants and animals in grasslands.

Includes descriptions and the pictures of almost any animal or plant you can think of in grassland.